Stop Austerity 2.0

Austerity is set to return and hurt workers across Europe. Stand with us to stop Austerity 2.0.

Austerity means more poverty, people losing their homes, and many not having access to the healthcare they need. We will not stand for it.

Together we can build an economy for the people and the planet. Workers are tired of filling the wallets of the rich.

We demand a new economic and social model that puts workers first. We need real change, rather than a return to damaging deficit reduction. Social dialogue is key.

We will deliver this petition to the EU Commission and send it to all national governments wherever there are signatories. We demand:

  • No return to austerity
  • Investment in better paid, sustainable jobs covered by a collective agreement
  • No public subsidies without social conditionality
  • A fairer economy for all

Workers don’t live on yachts, they deserve a fairer share of the wealth they create.

Join the fight and make sure that European governments listen to the people. Let’s stop austerity 2.0 together.

  • Enrico V 27.05.2024 17:14
  • Sabina G 27.05.2024 16:32
  • Riccardo D C 20.05.2024 04:10
  • Constant K 15.05.2024 12:25
  • Andrea P 12.05.2024 15:47
  • Veronica M 12.05.2024 00:27