International Solidarity is NOT a Crime: Protect Trade Unionism in Tunisia

Tunisian President Kais Saied has arrested, sued, and spied on trade unionists in a crackdown against legitimate peaceful demands by the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize winner UGTT.

On February 18th, President Kais Saied declared that ETUC General Secretary Esther Lynch had broken the law by threatening the security of the country because of her participation in an UGTT protest and expelled her from Tunisia.

In recent days, other trade unionists were prevented from entering Tunisia to join a demonstration in international trade union solidarity.

All this is happening while the EU continues to support the Tunisian government.

Worker solidarity is non-negotiable. An injury to one of us is an injury to all.

We stand together to:

Tell EU High Representative Josep Borrell to stand up for human rights by making sure the EU support – including financial support – is conditional on the full respect for human rights, trade union and workers’ rights and that international trade union solidarity cannot be criminalised.

Support the UGTT in its struggle against repression in Tunisia because if we stand idly by while it happens there, who says it cannot happen here next?

  • GIAN A 12.05.2024 08:34