End the Cost of Living Crisis: Increase Wages, Tax Profits!

This crisis in cost of living is being driven by excess profits – not wages.

Wages are not the cause of inflation. Workers are the victims of this crisis, with the value of their wages falling while prices for everyday goods are rising. Inequality is rising, with low paid workers and vulnerable people hit the hardest.

Join us in demanding the implementation of our plan that tackles the cost-of-living-crisis and puts workers at the heart of the economy. The plan includes:

  • Pay rises now!
  • Payments to people struggling to pay unaffordable bills like the skyrocketing costs of rent, heat, and food.
  • Capping the price of energy bills and increase taxes on the superprofits of companies profiteering from the crisis.

Governments and the EU cannot sit this crisis out.

Help make sure they don't.

The price of inaction or adopting the wrong response, such as interest rate increases, pay freezes or a return to the failed austerity agenda, will be catastrophic.

For more information about the ETUC's six point plan: click here

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